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Vision? Who cares.

I'll just look at your work.

We get that. So to be honest, whether you landed on this page intentionally or because you’re really bad at spelling ‘Fusion’, you have no idea how surprised we are that you’re here. But happy too.

Because it gives us the opportunity to tell you why and how we do things.

The first one is easy: intergalacticdomination.

The second is our signature process: ThinkDoAndMake.

Know more

We come up with ideas, we arrange them and then we bring them to life.

Think, Do and Make. It’s all you need this day and age.



Forget linear. Think houses six competences that can all be the start of an idea. Not every campaign needs all six. But more and more do.



Brand and business strategy is there to define where brands need to go. And since the world is on fire, that’s a whole lot of fun.



Target groups are becoming smaller, more specific and more agile. So ‘when do we tell what to whom ‘ is becoming increasingly important.



Ideas seem to come cheaper and cheaper. But not from us. That’s because they’re not just ideas. They’re the best.



Do we even need to explain? If we want to be a step ahead of where consumers are nowadays, technology is a key success factor.



A great idea is only a great idea if the user is willing and able to interact with it. Strategy and design in motion.



Design plays a crucial role in creating difference and value for brands. No matter where in the process you are. That’s why design is an integral part of Think.



Only if we truly know and understand how your business works, will we be able to deliver the right creative solutions that make a difference. Because in the end, our ideas only matter if they help your business grow.

Our Process

This is why our Do department is spearheaded by experienced Business Directors*. They cast the right team for each job and continuously look after your business interests. Each Business Director is supported by a team of specialist producers (Digital, Activation, Screen and Print) that make sure that your and our organization stay fully aligned during each step we make.

* They know business; having extensive experience in both the advertising as well as corporate industry. They speak both languages and know how to bring them together. We believe it to be conditional for success.



Finally, Make is where moviemakers, 3D designers, graphic designers, photographers, DTP’ers etc. bring ideas to life.

Our mindset

Is that all? No, whatever specialist Maker the idea needs, we make sure he or she has a home at Make. Making it a lively place full of hard working craftsmen and - woman and a whole lot of big screens.

In short, we strongly believe in the power of design and aesthetics. That’s why Make has the same weight as Think and Do. And we know Steve Jobs agrees.

Some facts about us

  • 01.

    Bring your ambitions

    We love people and brands with dreams, ideals and ambitions: intergalactic domination of course, but world peace, 24.6 % national market share or an easier way to open beer bottles will also do.

  • 02.

    Simple please

    Another thing we love is simplicity. So in our creative agency we have only three departments, got rid of Account and just talk to each other instead of sending endless emails all the time. Well, most of the time.

  • 03.

    Work first

    Because we don’t consider our work to be work, it’s our priority. That’s where the fun is. Fundamental, awesome, effective, awarded work makes clients and us happy.

  • 04.

    Failing is fine

    No one stands out while playing safe. Try something new. We encourage people to get better. By taking calculated risks. By failing once in a while. Then work even harder to make it work.

  • 05.

    Details aren't details

    Both God and the devil are in the detail. So who are we to disagree. Details cost more time, more money, experience, heart and conviction. But we love ‘em because they make the difference.

  • 06.

    Location, location, location

    Our office is based in one of the world’s cultural capitals (funny, the city is actually quite small). Centre of freedom, openness and creativity. And yes, we’re located right in the centre of it.

  • 07.

    Eat this!

    J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam. A team of professionals from different backgrounds, all proud to work here. That believe creativity is in everyone and everything. Don't believe us? Come by for lunch…