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Online Film

Love Beats Money

How much is a friendship worth to you?
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Online Film

Love Beats Money

Together with ING, we investigate the value of friendship with 'Love Beats Money'.

Love Beats Money - a social experiment designed to discover whether people value their friendship or family relationship more than money. The filmed experiment focuses on a series of duos. People with close ties, who used to have a warm relationship - but who are no longer in touch because of a dispute over money.  Everyone is interviewed separately on camera to discuss the money conflict from their perspective – and how it makes them feel. Afterwards, each person gets to watch the other’s interview showing their side to the story, and they are given the choice: is your friendship or family ties more important than money?  Choose the heart sign if so; or if money is more important, then go for the € sign.

  • ING

  • Online Film

  • Banking

  • Feb 2018

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