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The Rembrandt Tutorials

Learn how to paint from the Master himself.
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The Rembrandt Tutorials

Learn how to paint from the Master himself.

  • ING

  • Campaign

  • Banking

  • Feb 2019


ING is an innovative bank that is the largest cultural sponsor in the Netherlands. While we’ve impressed the country with projects like Love Beats Money and The Next Rembrandt, there’s still room for improvement in establishing ING as a major cultural sponsor. Could we achieve this by bringing Rembrandt’s painting techniques and real voice to life?


2019 is The Year of Rembrandt, his 350thanniversary. As chief sponsor of the Rijksmuseum, ING wanted to celebrate Rembrandt’s legacy. What many people don’t know is that Rembrandt was not just a painter, but a devoted teacher that helped breed a new generation of Dutch master painters.

Creative Solution

We brought back Rembrandt in the form of a teacher, a literal master that can imbue a modern generation of painters with the skills and confidence to paint their way into history. 

Through the writings and diary entries of Rembrandt himself, we created a period-accurate voice that teaches just like Rembrandt did.

We consulted a group of experts, using voice technology, research and data to recreate the painting techniques, personality, language and tone of the Dutch master. The results are brought to the public in ‘The Rembrandt Tutorials', narrated by the famous painter himself.With The Rembrandt Tutorials we help everyone learn to paint like a master.

Inspiring Growth

The moment we introduced Rembrandt's voice to the world, ING's top of mind brand awareness was at the highest level. And even more important: the Rembrandt Tutorials have succeeded in establishing ING as an important cultural sponsor. After the campaign, half of the Dutch think highly of ING cultural sponsorship. The Rembrandt Tutorials can still be viewed at

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